Adonai Optimal Health and Wellness is a Naturopathic Facility in Monroe, Connecticut founded by Dr. Yvette M. Whitton, a licensed Naturopathic and Integrative Wellness physician. Dr. Whitton founded Adonai Optimal Health and Wellness, LLC in 2013. At Adonai, we practice patient focused wellness, forming a collaboration between Naturopathic and conventional medicine for the greater good of the patient, by providing the safest, most effective, evidence based treatment options.Our area of specialization is on Chronic disease, including Cancer. We do not claim to cure any disease, but our goal is the restoration of healing harmony within the individual who is “housing” the disease.

Aligned with the philosophy of Naturopathic medicine in CT, we believe that the individual possesses the innate ability for healing within him/herself, and thus once harmony of mind, body and spirit is restored, Healing results. Our mission is Community Empowerment through Education and Environmental Awareness.