BioElectromagnetic Response Therapy in CT | Adonai Optimal Health and Wellness Services

At Adonai Optimal Health and Wellness Facility in Monroe, Connecticut we have experience in several Naturopathic and Integrative Wellness treatments. As a Naturopathic Physician in CT  Dr. Whitton specializes in BioElectromagnetic Response Therapy, PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency ) Therapy, as well as Bioenergetic assessment. Here is some information you should know about the benefits of BioElectromagnetic Response Therapy.

What is BioElectromagnetic Response Therapy?

BioElectromagnetic Response Therapy is the use of electromagnetic fields to treat and prevent disease and promote health and strength. During the response therapy, the living tissue is transparent to magnetic fields so when an electromagnetic field is placed close to the human body, it will induce electrical currents. There have been thousands of studies to prove the effects of BioElectromagnetic Response Therapy on several conditions.

What can BioElectromagnetic Response Therapy treat?

Some of the documented effects of bioelectromagnetic fields include faster healing, increase of blood flow, greater cellular energy, reduced inflammation, muscle relaxation, bone formation, improved oxygenation, better sleep, improved fertility, heightened intellectual ability, reduced stress and better mood.

Osteoporosis and Arthritis impacts from BioElectromagnetic Response Therapy

BioElectromagnetic Response Therapy has proven effective in healing non-union fractures and stimulates the formation of new bone with known benefits in osteoporosis and arthritis.

Osteoporosis patients frequently suffer from compression fractures due to fragile bones. BioElectromagnetics has been reported to ease pain, heal existing fractures and prevent future breaks as normal bone density is restored.